Steampunk floor lamp – T1


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Steampunk is a growing subculture that’s existed since at least the 1980s. The genre uses the 19th century as its backdrop (often with a Victorian or Wild West slant) and focuses on a fictional world where steam power rules the world and delivers a new industrial era.

The steampunk movement inspires us to imagine a different time with wildly imaginative, nostalgic and often far-fetched outcomes. The aesthetic is instantly recognizable, often taking a vintage approach to form and function—swirling gears, gaslights, Neo-Victorian outfits—that transport you back to a fantastical past. Today you can see traces of steampunk everywhere, from fashion and art to large scale events like Burning Man.

About this steampunk floor lamp

Unique and unusual Steampunk Floor Lamp. Vintage water pipe floor standing lighting fixture full of retro and industrial atmosphere, it shows the post-modern steampunk style, this floor light brings personality to your live.

Retro Steampunk Styles Design

This industrial vintage tubular floor lamp is made of galvanised steel, resistant to fade, rust and corrosion. The water pipe design creates a warm atmosphere. It’s the perfect lighting fixture for the dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, hotel, restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs, offices, galleries, showrooms, etc.

Bulbs Type

LED/CFL/Edison bulb/incandescent is available, E27 bulb sockets, Max 40W per bulb, 220V, the steampunk floor standing light is dimmable when using dimmable bulbs and compatible dimmer switch.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 200 cm